Life is all about perspective. Each of us their own. Perspectives determine how we relate to people, how we handle relationships and troubles, and how we live day-to-day. Individual perspectives form communities, communities form cultures. While we navigate easily within your own culture, we may stop and stare at others. Or stumble altogether. In our times, we have the world itself at our hands – literally – with our smartphones in our pockets. Yet it’s never been easier to stay in one’s own bubble of perspective. I believe in making the world a better place by building bridges instead of burning them. It’s about telling stories, exchanging perspectives and thereby creating understanding for each other, developing new ideas for existing problems and making the time we have on our shared home planet a little more worthwhile.

01. Finding Stories

Our world is full of stories. We just don’t always find them, especially in an attention economy where often the loudest voices prevail, and uniformity offers a safe bet. I help you discover new perspectives on current issues.

02. Telling Stories

A stack full of facts does not automatically create a story. Especially, when an average person living today processes as much as 74 GB in information a day. Skilled storytelling helps you to get your message across this pile of data.

03. Bridging Cultures

Cultural differences can block – or enrich and drive – cooperation in companies, organisations and associations. The success of international projects depends on how teams deal with cultural diversity. 

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